Do I need a colonoscopy?

  Family/personal history of colorectal cancer
  Family/personal history of colorectal polyps
  Age 50 or older without symptoms
  Rectal bleeding (bleeding is never "normal")
  Abdominal pain

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We know that with less cutting comes a higher quality of life, reduction of patient costs, and a quicker return to full activity. We wrote the book on minimally invasive colon surgical techniques and our center is Indiana's champion of laparoscopic colon cancer treatment. We offer cutting edge scarless surgeries (single incision laparoscopic surgery or SILS), and robotic surgery (Da Vinci) with the benefit of 3D imaging technologies and greater preservation of sexual function which can be damaged in conventional pelvic procedures.

We embrace new surgical techniques that are proven to result in higher quality of life and less postoperative discomfort. Some exciting up and coming techniques we offer in anorectal surgery include:

artificial sphincter implantation

  • an alternative to colostomy for some patients
  • success rate 70-85%
  • first performed in Indiana by our surgeons

procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids (PPH)

  • less pain
  • less blood loss
  • less time loss from work

stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR)

  • relieves constipation
  • improves rectal emptying
  • satisfaction rate of 85%
  • first performed in Indiana by our surgeons

transanal endoscopic microsurgery procedure (TEM)

  • avoids need for colostomy
  • shorter recovery time
  • shorter hospitalizations

In colonoscopy, experience makes results and our center has over 50,000 complication-free colonoscopies since 1979. During video inspection of the colon our surgeons can sweep the bowel of polyps (polypectomy), spray vital dyes to reveal cancers (chromoendoscopy), bolster intestinal walls against swelling, constrictions, and blockage (stent placement), clot bleeding vessels, mark tumors for removal and remove contained cancer.

Noninvasive in-house tests and treatments often won't take longer than a lunch break. A patient with hemorrhoids and 20 minutes can shrink their hemorrhoids with the simple application of a band (band ligation) or treatment with a laser (infrared photocoagulation). A 10 minute Botox injection to relax the sphincter stimulates healing of anal fissures. And diagnostic exams can measure anal sensation and muscle pressure (manometry) and image the rectal muscles to pinpoint rectal masses or fistulas (endoanal ultrasound) within half an hour.

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People Helping People

"We believe that those individuals who seek our care should receive the most courteous, compassionate, and current care available. This care should be given with dignity and respect. All of us at Colon & Rectal Care Center seek to give the best, to be the best. One day, each of us may well be seeking care and we will expect no less."

Colon & Rectal Care Physicians

Why colonoscopy?

Undetected, colorectal cancer kills. Almost all colon cancers start as polyps. Colonoscopy, a video sweep of the colon, can find and remove polyps that may grow into cancer. And although colorectal cancer is a largely preventable killer, only one third of people at risk actually have a colonoscopy. So today colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. even though we have the tools to prevent it.

Who is at risk?

  • everyone over 50
  • African Americans over 45
  • anyone with a change in bowel habits
  • anyone with rectal bleeding (it’s never normal!)
  • anyone with abdominal pain
  • anyone with family history of colorectal cancer or polyps

How effective is colonoscopy?

Prevention works. A ten year study estimates that up to 90% of colorectal cancers can be prevented by colonoscopy, which itself has a 93% sensitivity of detecting colorectal cancer. Other studies show that effectiveness of colonoscopy increases with experience of the doctor doing the colonoscopy.

Why here?

At Colon and Rectal Care our physicians have performed more than 50,000 colonoscopies in over thirty years. We take pride in our skills. It was a significant part of our physicians’ training, and is a significant part of our practice. We perform very thorough and safe screening colonoscopies. Furthermore if we discover an abnormality that requires surgical care we have the expertise to provide you appropriate treatment.

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